While I appreciate that it is not a legal requirement I will continue to wear a mask, sanitize my hands before and after each home or business visit and keep a reasonable social distance.

I am fully vaccinated. But I think this is still important for both your safely and mine.

With experience in butchery and commercial kitchen I’m probably the first to grumble about a dull knife. A sharp knife makes kitchen tasks a joy rather than a pain!

Over 10 years ago when I worked in the cutting room at a butchers I quickly realised that a well sharpened knife is almost as important as knowing your way around the various cuts. But no matter how good you are with a Steel, eventually your knives need regrinding. This was a service which was offered on a monthly basis by an older chap with a van at the time. But unfortunately he retired and nobody was interested in taking over his business. Which was a great shame and we soon missed his regular visits and the banter.

Sharpen York has brought this service back to life in a slightly Greener format. We cover all addresses within the A1079 / A64 area of York by push bike and offer a mobile at home or business service. I'll visit you at your home, restaurant or butchers and regrind your knives while you watch. All I ask is that there is a power point to plug into and maybe a cup of black tea!

The history and skills behind Sharpen York


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