While I appreciate that it is not a legal requirement I will continue to wear a mask, sanitize my hands before and after each home or business visit and keep a reasonable social distance.

I am fully vaccinated. But I think this is still important for both your safely and mine.

Professional grinding and sharpening equipement


Regrind - Reuse - Retain

New knives are expensive and replacing knives which can easily be reground is wasteful, which has a negative environmental impact.

With experience in Butchery and commercial kitchens I know the importance of sharp knives. Using professional equipment I return your much loved knives to the level of sharpness you recall when you first bought them. Once reground you’ll find it quick and easy to maintain a good edge with your own sharpener or Steel for months to come.

Using low speed multi grade belt grinding, whetstone and Diamond Steel where required your knives will not only feel extremely sharp, the cutting faces are microscopically polished. Low speed belt grinding means that the cutting face and tips of your knives do not become heated, which can be damaging and toughen or ‘Blue’ the Steel.

We can regrind any smooth bladed or scalloped blades. The only exception are serrated blades which do not stand up to grinding well.

We believe in a fair pricing structure which is exactly the same for home kitchen knives, butchers knives and commercial kitchen knives.


1 to 5 knives - £25.00
Up to 10 knives - £40.00
10 or more knives - £3 per blade

Payment can be by Cash / Credit / Debit Card / contactless device and you receive a written receipt for payment or by email before I leave.

All types of electronic payment accepted

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